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SV Enrichments & Club

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At SV Academy, we believe that education goes beyond the classroom. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, clubs and societies to enrich our students’ experiences and help them develop new skills, interests and friendships.

Our extracurricular programme is designed to cater to a variety of interests and abilities, including music, drama and community service. Our clubs and societies provide students with opportunities to explore new hobbies, develop leadership skills, and socialise with like-minded peers.

We encourage all of our students to participate in at least one extracurricular activity or club during their time at SV Academy. Research shows that students who are involved in extracurricular activities have better academic performance, higher self-esteem, and are more likely to attend university.

Overall, our extracurricular programme plays an important role in shaping our students’ character, helping them develop a sense of responsibility, teamwork, leadership, and community involvement, and preparing them for success in their future endeavours.



Book Club

SV Academy Book Club is an extracurricular activity that aims to promote a love of reading and improve literacy skills among students. The club provides a platform for students to come together and discuss books, share their opinions and insights, and explore different genres and authors.

The Book Club typically meets on a regular basis and members are encouraged to read a chosen book before each meeting. During the meeting, students engage in lively discussions, share their thoughts, and participate in group activities related to the book.

The SV Academy Book Club aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that fosters a love of reading, encourages critical thinking, and enhances students’ communication and social skills. It is open to all students who have a passion for reading and want to explore new books and authors.

Maths Club

SV Academy Maths Club is a group of students who share an interest and enthusiasm for mathematics. The club provides a fun and supportive environment where students can further develop their mathematical skills, learn new concepts and techniques, and engage in problem-solving activities.

The Maths Club is open to all students, regardless of their level of mathematical ability. The club is led by a teacher who is passionate about mathematics and is committed to helping students reach their full potential in the subject. The teacher provides guidance and support to students as they work on challenging problems and explore new areas of mathematics.

In addition to regular meetings, the Maths Club also participates in competitions and events throughout the year. This provides students with the opportunity to test their skills against other schools and to showcase their mathematical abilities. The Maths Club is a great way for students to develop their mathematical skills, build their confidence, and connect with other students who share their passion for the subject.


SV Academy Music Club is an extracurricular activity that provides students with an opportunity to develop their musical skills, knowledge and appreciation in a fun and supportive environment. The club is open to all students who are interested in music, whether they are beginners or advanced musicians.

During the club sessions, students have access to a range of musical instruments, including keyboards, guitars, drums, and other percussion instruments. They can also learn to sing and develop their vocal abilities. The club focuses on a variety of musical genres, including classical, pop, rock, jazz, and world music.

In addition to learning to play instruments and sing, students in the music club also have the opportunity to participate in various performances and events, both within and outside the school. These performances provide students with a platform to showcase their talent and build their confidence.

The music club is led by experienced music teachers who are passionate about helping students develop their musical abilities. They provide guidance, support and feedback to students, helping them to achieve their musical goals. Whether a student is looking to pursue a career in music or simply enjoys playing or singing for fun, the SV Academy Music Club is an excellent opportunity to explore and develop their musical skills.


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