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Ofsted 2019

  /  Ofsted 2019

SV Academy rated a GOOD

SV Academy was inspected by Ofsted in November 2019 and rated as Grade 2: Good for the fourth inspection in a row. This reflects the consistent committment and hard work on the part of our teachers, students, parents/carers and support staff in providing a fulfilling, relevant and inspiring educational experience for all who attend.  SV Academy is approved to admit students from age 11 to 19 years old and the school was rated as Good across all areas.

Excerpts from the Ofsted report:

“Leaders find out as much as possible about pupils’ prior learning when they join the school. They use this information well to design a bespoke learning programme for each pupil. The activities which teachers plan and deliver help pupils to build their knowledge over time.”

“A key strength of the school is how well staff know and provide for the individual needs of each pupil. This includes pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Staff work closely with parents to help them support their children at home. Leaders model the behaviour they expect from all staff, and staff replicate this. They speak to pupils sensitively and calmly. Leaders make sure that staff are well trained to deal with difficult situations. When pupils have difficulties, they are well managed by staff and so minimise any disturbance to the learning of others.”

“Leaders know that many of the pupils at the school are vulnerable. Leaders make sure that all staff are well trained. Staff are vigilant to the signs that a pupil may need extra help. Leaders act on these concerns, involving outside agencies when needed. Leaders are tenacious. They challenge and chase if they believe that a pupil is not getting the right support.”

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