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SV Sustainability Policy

  /  SV Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy


The Brundtland Report, produced in 1987 by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development defined sustainable development as: ‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’. These needs come into three broad categories: economicsocial and environmental. SV Media Academy (SV) is aiming to be sustainable by keeping all three in harmony.

SV aims to set a good example by making sustainable choices in its business, trying to choose the most sustainable option when it is presented.


Travel Sustainability

SV encourages staff, visitors and students alike to use public transport or walk whenever possible. All directions to SV facilities are given in relation to train stations and bus stops unless requested otherwise. Cycle racks and shower facilities are available to all staff, visitors and students.

If it is not possible to use public transport, any cars or minibuses used to travel to meetings, training or for excursions will be occupied up to their safe capacity avoiding duplication.

Telephone or video conferencing is used whenever possible to cut out any unnecessary journeys and reduce expenses for long distance meetings.


Energy Sustainability

SV is careful in the maintenance of its office and training facilities. Sustainable and renewable choices are made whenever possible and systems are in place to ensure that as little energy is wasted as possible.

Energy is conserved by the use of low energy lighting where possible that is always switched off when not in use. The natural light available in every training room is used instead of electric lights as long as is safe to do so.

All computers whether used for training or used in the office are turned off when not in use. By using laptops it is easier to monitor that nothing is left on overnight.

Heating and ventilation are used only when necessary. All heating and ventilation are the most energy efficient possible at the time of installation.


Resource Sustainability

SV has a recycling scheme in both its office and training facilities where all waste paper (unless of a sensitive nature, where it is shredded before recycling) is recycled. All printer cartridges are refilled in order to reduce waste as well.

In SV office facilities, tap water is used over bottled water and mugs used over disposable cups, reducing waste.

SV training facilities use sustainable USB sticks for data storage and transfer, using CD’s and DVD’s only when completely necessary. Student files and work are kept in electronic format rather than printed reducing waste and paper consumption.


Supplier/Procurement Sustainability

SV uses suppliers who are both environmentally and ethically aware and who favour the use of fairly traded goods and responsible labour conditions. SV will not support irresponsible marketing to vulnerable groups.


Community Responsibility

As is common within social enterprise SV exists to put something back into the community. SV students have opportunities to join the company in structured work experience programmes, as volunteers or as part of an employment and further training scheme, including our Apprenticeships schemes for 16-18 years old.

SV will support other organisations that work in the community as much as is possible.



This policy was last revised March 2023.

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