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SV Internal Verification & Moderation Policy & Procedure

  /  SV Internal Verification & Moderation Policy & Procedure

Internal Verification & Moderation Policy & Procedure

Internal Verification is a process in which assessment practices and decisions are regularly sampled and evaluated and findings are acted upon to ensure consistency and fairness.

The Internal Verification (IV) system ensures:

  • A forum for discussion of borderline cases
  • Reduction in the level of direct external verification scrutiny
  • Valid, reliable and consistent Award of Credit
  • Recorded assessment decisions which are appropriate, consistent, fair, transparent and equitable
  • Clarity for learners about assessment requirements
  • Effective preparation and presentation for external verification
  • Regular review of the programme
  • Teacher networking and sharing of good practice


Please Find Pearson (BTEC) Guidance Here:  

1: Plagiarism Factsheet

2: BTEC Centre Guide To Internal Assessment

3: BTEC Centre Guide To Internal Verification

4:BTEC Centre Guide To Standards Verification


The teacher (or assessor) will assess the students’ work and record their assessment decisions on the appropriate forms.

There will be a standardisation meeting at the beginning of the year to ensure that all teachers are clear about assessment requirements. Teachers will all use the same assessment task sheets to record achievement.

The internal verifier will sample assessed work to ensure that all of the criteria in the units are being met and the workload for learners is appropriate to the level and credit value of the unit.

Given the flexible nature of the course, precise dates for internal verification cannot be set at the beginning of the year. Instead, internal verification will take place in the sixth week of a course run.

The internal verifier will liaise with the external verifier, where appropriate, regarding dates for signing off student report forms, samples required and meeting with teachers and learners. Internal verification paperwork will be completed prior to the external verifier’s visit.

All teachers will be provided with assessment guidance and a copy of internal verification paperwork.

The sampling process will comply with the benchmarks set by external examination centres.

The sample will consist of all assessed work completed to date of 5 learners or 10% of learners, whichever is the greater. The sample will include an element of random selection. All aspects of the course must be considered over time if not at each IV activity. Factors to consider are:

  • Sites of delivery
  • Teachers/assessors
  • Number of units
  • Delivery methods
  • Previous IV recommendations 
  • Assessment methods
  • Special arrangements
  • EV recommendations
  • Borderline cases
  • Unit levels

If there are fewer than five learners on the course, all students’ work will be sampled. Course files will be kept in the main office. The internal verifier will select the sample from these. The internal verifier will provide feedback to the assessor and coordinator on the outcome of internal verification. The coordinator will follow up any action points identified. All internal verification records will be made available to the external verifier. The internal verification process will be reviewed at the end of the year and any changes/recommendations will be recorded.


This policy was last reviewed March 2023

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