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SV Induction Policy

  /  SV Induction Policy

SV Induction Policy

StreetVibes Media Academy (SV) aims to offer a creative and engaging educational experience to young people aged 13-19 years old. We recognise that many of the young people that we work with have a history of disrupted education, and that some may have additional or Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND). SV has high expectations for all its students, and is committed to ensuring each student is supported to achieve his or her full potential, regardless of prior educational achievement or educational history, SEND, gender re-assignment, pregnancy & maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. We intend to provide a seamless transition from referral school to SV to ensure that all students are fully equipped and able to maximise their potential at SV, and beyond into further education, employment or training.



  • To provide informal opportunities for transitioning students to familiarise themselves with SV’s ethos and principles wherever possible.
  • To welcome every student into SV, instilling values of high expectations, independence, responsibility, academic success and integrity in order to create active citizens with high aspirations and a lifelong love for learning and achievement.
  • To provide an environment where students of all abilities, cultures, sexual orientation and religious beliefs work harmoniously together, demonstrating mutual respect for each other’s individuality and creativity.
  • To provide learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom to raise standards of achievement and attainment of all students.
  • To ensure the curriculum is challenging and builds on prior achievement in every subject area.
  • To recognise and build upon prior learning whilst also offering a fresh start free from pejorative judgement to all students.
  • To provide a personalised curriculum to guarantee the needs of every individual are met through both challenge and support as necessary.


Objectives for students:

  • To be fully committed to the ethos, rules, regulations and expectations of SV, adopting a responsible attitude towards their development as learners and active citizens.
  • To understand the consequences of not following the guidelines set out by SV and endeavouring to maintain a calm, purposeful and focused attitude to their learning.
  • To recognise the opportunity for a fresh start.


For Parents and Carers:

  • To actively support the ethos of SV, ensuring their child is fully equipped to cope with the demands of secondary education.
  • To support the Academy’s homework, behaviour, attendance and punctuality, uniform and equal opportunities policies to sustain a positive, collaborative relationship with the Academy.


For Teachers:

  • To formally induct all Year 7 students to ensure that they are welcomed into the SV ethos.
  • Tutors to ensure induction checklist is completed and placed on students file.
  • To enthusiastically take part in pastoral and academic induction programmes with students to ensure that they are welcomed into the SV ethos and its requirements in terms of behaviour and aspirations for their learning and progress;
  • To give appropriate support and guidance to students on an ongoing basis to ensure that they fulfil their potential and cope with the transition to the Academy;
  • To utilise the profile of need provided for each class that they teach and to ensure appropriate intervention in planning teaching and learning activities;
  • To take a lead role in introducing, modelling and developing enterprise capability with students so that they can begin to develop the characteristics of enterprising learners.


For Tutors:

  • To ensure the induction checklist is completed, signed off and placed on the student’s file.
  • To conscientiously induct their tutees to the expectations of SV.
  • To oversee a smooth transfer from Primary school.


For Directors of Learning:

  • To ensure that schemes of work, policies and PHSEE, Citizenship and Enterprise programmes are in place to meet the needs of all students and are explicit about KS2-3 transition.
  • To monitor, evaluate and review the effectiveness of programmes of study and teaching and learning of Year 7 students, and provide relevant intervention strategies as appropriate to student needs.
  • To analyse baseline data to ascertain most appropriate class grouping and personalised programme of study as relevant to each student.
  • To ensure SV policies on behaviour, teaching and learning, use of equipment, attendance and punctuality are adhered to consistently by all staff in subject teams.


For SV’s Leadership Team:

  • To provide a flexible, innovative and personalised curriculum for the full ability range of Year 7 students.
  • To instigate innovative intervention strategies to minimise underachievement and/or poor behaviour.
  • To devise a programme in liaison with primary feeder Academies, to endeavour to create a smooth KS2-KS3 transition.
  • To devise assessment, target setting and monitoring systems to efficiently monitor academic and social progress of each student.


For the Governors:

To support the SV‘s induction policy and uphold intervention strategies proposed by SV staff with regard to student achievement and behaviour in Year 7.


Tutor Group Organisation:

Each student will be placed in a vertical tutor group, with Y8 and Y9 students in which they will remain (except in exceptional circumstances) for their entire time at SV. The tutor group will be affiliated with a faculty, along with other tutor groups from Years 10-11. Tutor groups will be mixed ability.

It will be primarily the responsibility of each tutor to successfully induct each Year 7 student. The tutor will ensure his/her tutees are fully equipped for each lesson; are wearing the appropriate uniform; are fully aware of the consequences of failing to meet standards of attendance and punctuality as well as closely monitoring the academic and social progress of each student.

A clear schedule of activities including accelerated reading will be timetabled for each tutor time in order to maximise learning potential and fully prepare each Year 7 for the challenges of his/her day. Each tutor along with their tutor group will be expected to lead a faculty assembly at least once each year.


Grouping Of Students:

Students will be grouped through use of the following data:

KS2 levels of attainment / APS
Non-verbal reasoning test results
AEN profile
Transition unit assessments set by subject areas

With due account taken of students with SEN or English as an additional language

Each student will receive a personalised learning plan which will outline their current levels of attainment as well as target levels of attainment. This will be set up with reference to Primary records, Parents views, IEPs and external agencies as appropriate. This will inform the group they will then be placed in and what specific intervention strategies they will require (e.g. Read/ Write inc/ Learning Challenge etc).

The majority of students will follow the condensed 2 Year KS3 strategy, sitting their KS3 Tests at the end of Year 8. However, we will ensure that after scrutiny of baseline data and assessment of individual needs, that the programme of study chosen for each individual is tailored to suit their specific learning needs.

All faculty areas will devise transition units to ensure that the students’ learning pathway is carefully mapped to bridge the gap between KS2 and KS3/4. Collaboration with feeder schools will ensure a consistent, appropriate and challenging model is implemented.

Where possible, students will attend an induction day in the summer term where the emphasis will be on “Enterprise for Learning”. All subject areas will have specific transition units in place, these will set high expectations across the Academy in order to avoid a transitional dip in progress.

As well as parent’s evening, we will also hold a ‘Meet and Greet’ for parents/carers upon referral. This will provide an opportunity for parents/carers to have an informal meeting with tutors, discuss how well their son/daughter has integrated into SV and ask any relevant questions regarding induction.


Student Voice and Student Leadership:

All students will have the opportunity to join the Student Council. Training on participating in a Student Council will be available for both students and staff in the Autumn Term. In addition, students will have the opportunity to voice their views through:

  • SV newsletter
  • Student notice board on the website
  • SV website
  • PHSEE, Citizenship, Specialist days and tutor time
  • Assemblies
  • Subject generated student evaluation forms


Monitoring Evaluation and Review:

Monitoring the progress of students both academically and in terms of social wellbeing will be ongoing. Formal 6 weekly assessments and attendance/punctuality figures will be updated onto the Student Progress Programme System. Tutors will meet individually with their tutees at least once each half term to review progress. Subject staff and tutors will need to raise any cause for concern with the appropriate line manager, who will then investigate the possibility of any intervention or in a serious case make a referral to student support services.


Cross Curricular:

In order to fully access the breadth and depth of the KS3/4 curriculum, all students will be supported to attain baseline levels of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT. It is the responsibility of all staff to integrate opportunities for students to improve each of these key skills.

The specialism of the SV will permeate all areas of the curriculum and it is the responsibility of all staff to integrate opportunities for all students to develop the identified skills and attributes of Enterprise.


This policy will be reviewed annually. This policy was last reviewed March 2023.

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