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SV Snow Policy

  /  SV Snow Policy

Bad Weather/Snow Policy

StreetVibes Media Academy (SV) recognises that school attendance is vital for young people to reach their full potential. It is very unlikely that the school will ever have to close and parents/carers should assume that the school remains open unless they hear otherwise from the school. However, in the event of severe weather conditions e.g. very heavy snow or flooding, causing the school to be closed, the school will report its closure to parents via the one or more of the following methods:

  • An email to parent/carer
  • A text message
  • A phone call

Parents/carers should ensure that the school holds up-to-date contact information and is informed of any changes in these details as soon as possible.

Should heavy snow or extreme weather conditions during the school day necessitate an early finish, students will be allowed to make their own way home, if possible. We will endeavour to make telephone contact with parents.

In the event of disruption caused by heavy snow the prime concern of the school must always be the safety of the students and staff. The school appreciates that during bad weather students may arrive later than normal; parents should endeavour to contact the school to let them know they are on their way if likely to be delayed.

The school recognises there will be isolated instances where families are cut off, even where the clear majority of students can get into school. In such instances parents should inform the school of the circumstances of this exceptional situation, as the school has a duty to clarify the circumstances of each case so as to be able to formally authorise the absence.

Parents acting on the assumption that the school would be closed without gaining confirmation, or failing to inform the school of the circumstances that prevents the student coming into school, risks their child being registered as an unauthorised absence.

Members of staff are asked to make every effort to get to school although, again in severe conditions, they must make a judgment about the safety of travelling. The school will update parents via email or text to provide information of the situation. In particular, parents will be advised as to whether or not the school is open to operate a normal timetable, depending on the number of staff and students available.

To provide parents/carers and students with information during the day, updated information will be placed on the website, at www.streetvibes.org and a message will be added to the answer phone, on 0203 031 8240.

The emergency/out of hours number for Orlando Clement, Head of Learning, is 079444 89 864.


Snow Policy and Procedures –

Information for Teaching and Support Staff


In the event of disruption caused by heavy snow the prime concern of the school must always be the safety of the students and staff.

Due to most of our students living within short walking distance of the school it is expected that all staff will make every reasonable effort to undertake the journey to work. It is appreciated that the journey may take longer than normal and therefore some staff may not be able to arrive before the normal start of school time or their shift time. If staff think they will be late, they should contact Orlando Clement on 079444 89 864 or Sonia Ramanah on 07887 640 335 with their expected time of arrival. If staff do not think that they can travel to work, they should make contact on the above numbers before 9am. In the case of inability to travel to work, staff absence will be processed as per our sickness/absence policy, details of which can be found in staff contracts or from HR.

In the event of severe weather, a decision to close one or both of the school sites will be made by Orlando Clement or Sonia Ramanah. Staff will be contacted via text giving them this information, as soon as is possible. Each site is considered separately, and it may be the case that one site is closed whilst the other remains open. In some circumstances staff may be asked to work from an alternative site due to extreme weather. Staff will be paid at their full rate for their contracted hours on any day where staff are not required to attend work due to closure of their site,


This policy will be reviewed annually. This policy was last reviewed March 2023.

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