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SV Risk Assessment Policy

  /  SV Risk Assessment Policy


Statement of Intent:

Risk Assessments are a systematic method of looking at activities and considering what could potentially go wrong and deciding on suitable control measures to prevent, eliminate, reduce or minimise these risks.


Risk Assessments are a legal obligation that require all employers to assess the risks from their work on anyone who may be affected by their activities and Streetvibes ensures that it take all steps that are “reasonably practicable” to reduce risks presented.


All members of staff and volunteers receive training in Risk Assessment and all learners participate in Health and Safety workshops including Risk Assessments, which encourage them to take responsibility for managing and reducing risks.


In order to assess risks we make a distinction between a hazard and a risk.

Hazard: Anything with the potential to cause harm. Electricity, hazardous substances and noise are examples of typical hazards.

Risk: The likelihood that damage loss or injury will be caused by a hazard and how severe the outcome may be.

We operate the Health and Safety’s Executive recommended five step approach as follows:


  1. Identify the hazard associated with work activities
  2. Identify who could be harmed by those hazards
  3. Identify how you manage the risks at present and what further steps might be required to reduce the risks further. These are the control measures.
  4. Record the findings of the assessment and inform those at risk of the controls.
  5. Review the Risk Assessment on a regular basis, e.g. if the staff, the activity or the equipment used change.


We review our Risk Assessment Policy annually and continually assess and update control measures as a principle for minimising all risks.


This policy was last reviewed March 2023

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